The Phantom is a souped up volume driven version of the Ghost.

With a slightly different volume distribution, moving more volume under the riders front foot. We’ve created a board that can be driven hard off the riders front foot.

The added width creates a more parallel, fuller outline that helps carry speed though the slower sections of the wave that have less push. You won’t just stay in the wave, you will charge the wave.

We added nose rocker for better re-entry on airs. To compensate for the added rocker it has a slightly deeper single concave to flatten it out through the center, helping create speed and flow that might typically be lost with more rocker.

Depending on wave size and rider skill we recommend ordering your Phantom:

  • 4′-2″ – Rider Weight 100-150 lbs.
  • 4′-4″ – Rider Weight 120-170 lbs.
  • 4′-6″ – Rider Weight 140-190 lbs.
  • 4′-8″ – Rider Weight 180 -220 lbs.
  • 4′-10″ – Rider Weight 200+ lbs.

Please contact us for pricing and availability.