The P4 is designed to give you a great blend of performance and fun all wrapped up in a balanced, yet streamline board. It’s like a finely tuned rocket ship that also tells jokes!

Like the Ghost and the Five the volume is centered under the rider to create a balanced feel and help provide lift to recover and stay in waves at slower speeds.

It has a more traditional outline with a straight squash tail that will help recover deep in the pocket and a rounded nose which will release easily for shuvs or revert based maneuvers.

The rocker matches the outline with a med/low entry and a full single concave that initiates just in front of the riders front foot and fades through the fins into a gentle kick at the tail.

Depending on wave size and rider skill we recommend ordering your P4:

  • 4′-2″ – Rider Weight 100-150 lbs.
  • 4′-4″ – Rider Weight 120-170 lbs.
  • 4′-6″ – Rider Weight 140-190 lbs.
  • 4′-8″ – Rider Weight 180 -220 lbs.
  • 4′-10″ – Rider Weight 200+ lbs.

Please contact us for pricing and availability.