The Ghost is an all around, high performance board designed for down the line speed and easy rail to rail transitions.

Like the P4 and the Five the volume is centered under the rider to create a balanced feel and help provide lift at slow speeds helping you to recover and stay in waves at slower speeds.

The ghost outline is based on a well refined wakesurf template. The blunt nose reduces swing weight for aerial rotations and pulls the rails out increasing speed, it also allows for added control and acceleration while riding revert. The wide tail is designed to be ridden as far back in the wave as possible and to drive the board forward up the face of the wave for massive airs.

With a med/low entry rocker, a staged flat section between your feet, and an accelerated kick out the tail, this board will rip while remaining versatile. A single concave runs the length of the board adding lift/speed and allowing for quick rail to rail transitions. This combination of rocker and bottom contour allows for high performance handling without sacrificing speed and acceleration.

Depending on wave size and rider skill we recommend ordering your Ghost:

  • 4′-2″ – Rider Weight 100-150 lbs.
  • 4′-4″ – Rider Weight 120-170 lbs.
  • 4′-6″ – Rider Weight 140-190 lbs.
  • 4′-8″ – Rider Weight 180 -220 lbs.
  • 4′-10″ – Rider Weight 200+ lbs.

Please contact us for pricing and availability.